Remote Bioethanol Burner – 660mm

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The Remote Bioethanol Burner 660, 3.8Kw, Bio Ethanol Ribbon Burner Tray with Remote Control. The bio ethanol remote ribbon burner is operated by remote control handset to light and shut off the flame. Capacity 3.6 liters, 6-7 hour burn time on full, powered by 240v mains power adapter. OUR REMOTE CONTROL BIOETHANOL BURNERS ARE AVAILABLE WITH A WIDE RANGE OF STANDARD SINGLE AND DOUBLE SIDED ENCLOSURES MAKING INSTALLATION EASY – ASK FOR DETAILS. Minimum enclosure size 1000(W) X 500(H) X 320(D)



The Remote Control Bio Ethanol Burner 660mm. This modern no chimney remote fireplace is manufactured to a high standard and includes modern technology features. This remote bio ethanol burner box is designed to drop in to a fireplace opening. The bioethanol remote ribbon burner insert is operated by remote control which will light the fire and shut off the flame without the need to touch the remote burner itself. The fire is powered by a 240v supply via a power adapter. Our remote control bioethanol burners are made to order and are not able to be purchased online. Delivery is between 2-6 weeks.
    • For use in rooms of 59m3 or larger.
    • Dimensions: 660 x 240 x 135 mm
    • Insert Hole Size: 650 x 22 x 150 mm
    • Output: 3.8Kw
    • Ignition : Remote Control
    • Capacity: 3.6 Litre
    • Consumption: 0.6L/Hour
    • NET Weight: 14.0 kg
    • Gross Weight: 14.0kg

THE VIDEO SHOWS THE 1000mm Remote Version. All remote burners are made the same only the width is different.


Power Adapter – The fire uses a 240v power adapter which is connected on the left side of the remote burner. This is supplied with a UK plug. A 240v fused socket must be designed into the fireplace design to allow the power adapter to be connected to the remote burner. This 240v socket and the adapter must be accessible at all times to allow for servicing and replacement.

Enclosure design – If choosing to design your own enclosure this must be designed with a void to the rear which is accessible at all times to allow access to the power supply. See images of power adapter connection. We can supply a standard enclosure with this provision already made. Bespoke sizes can also be made within our strict guidelines.

Ordering: These remote burners are made to order and have a lead time of 8 weeks. There is a 50% cancellation charge on these “made to order” items. To order call 01325-301020 and speak to our technical sales team.

Fireplace Design: The remote burner must be fitted within a non-combustible fireplace opening with the correct distances to combustible materials. If in doubt at least 1.5m should be maintained at all times from the flame to a combustible surface. Care should be taken in placing soft furnishings and curtains near the remote burner. If the remote burner is used in an open setting the flame will be affected by air movement and in such cases the remote fireplace should be designed with glass guards.

Lighting Process: The remote control handset is used to switch on the bioethanol remote ribbon fire burner and the fuel pump starts moving the fuel to the burner slot. After 30 seconds the burner ignites the fuel and a beautiful ribbon of flame is developed from the burner slot. When it is time to switch off the flame the handset is used to stop the fuel supply to the burner slot, once this is exhausted the flame will go out. Note when turned off the fuel will carry on burning until the flame tray is exhausted, it takes about 5 minutes. The remote control handset only turns the remote bioethanol fire on and off, it does not vary the flame.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 660 × 240 × 135 mm
Air Vent

We recommend a source of fresh air ventilation



Fuel Type

DeNatured BioEthanol Fuel

Heat Output


Running Time


Tray Capacity

3.6 Litres

Optional Enclosure

None, Brushed Stainless Steel – 1000 x 500 x 320 – £1699.00, Black Stainless Steel – 1000 x 500 x 320 – £1899.00, Polished Stainless Steel – 1000 x 500 x 320 – £2149.00


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