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 Bio Ethanol fireplaces are an ideal option for people who want a source of instant heat or a feature fireplace within a room without the need for a chimney or gas supply. The fires are very easy to operate - simply fill the bioethanol burner chamber with the liquid bioethanol fuel and then light the fuel with either a match or long lighter. All of the bioethanol fireplaces we sell include a lid which can be used to extinguish the flame. This can also be used to regultae the flame (partially close the lid) which reduces the flame height, reduces the heat output and extends the burn time. Our bioethanol fireplaces are built to the latest standard and to a high quality. Our latest burner designs include special ceramic matting for safety and to extend the burn time, saving fuel and reducing running costs. For more information on Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Call our sales team on 01325-301020. Our sales staff can supply brochures and technical information if required.  
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New for 2014 : We have added 40+ new Bio Ethanol Fireplaces to range.

 If you have any problems using the site or are unsure of the specifications before buying please call our sales team Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm.

The EasyFire Bio Ethanol Fireplace range includes many styles of fireplace for both use indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer. Buying a Bio Ethanol fireplace from EasyFire you are guaranteed high quality designs at a competitive price.

Cheaper Fuel: All customers who buy a bio ethanol fireplace from the EasyFire web site qualify for an additional discount on future fuel purchases, once your order is processed we will email you a special online voucher code.

Require a Bespoke Bioethanol Fireplace Design? We specialise in designing bespoke bioethanol fireplaces for customers. We have a special range of bioethanol burners which are not shown on the site in a wide range of sizes. We can supply these with either metal or stone enclosures. If you are looking to create a unique feature fireplace please call our sales team on 01325-301020 with full details of your requirements.

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